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Located deep in the heart of Mississippi and bustling with an ever-growing live music scene, a Meridian apartment might be just the thing for a young jet-setter such as yourself.

Like your rock-n-roll loud and energetic? Take the short drive from your Meridian apartment to the Meridian Underground, the area's best music store / live venue. Bands from as far reaching as New York and Europe have all performed intimate yet in-your-face gigs at the Underground, and its combination of instrument repair and rare collectibles makes it an ideal hangout for local hipsters. You can even get a new tattoo or piercing next door (if that's your thing).

If you aren't exactly in the mood to come on and feel the noise, you can always opt for a few pints in the laid-back ambiance of Edna's Lounge. A vintage 'old man bar', Edna's is a great place to read a book while the jukebox kicks out some Hank Williams jams. In the mood to spruce up your apartment? Swing by the Meridian Outlet Mall, where local artisans craft unique furniture and jewelry by hand. So whether you're in the mood for socializing with your fellow apartment-ites, scouring the rare vinyl bins of the Underground or just browsing the wares of area painters for that perfect piece of wall décor, a Meridian apartment offers much in the way of opportunity as well as affordability.

Meridian, Mississippi Apartments

Meridian Apartments

Meridian MS 39307

1 to 3 bedroom apartments $565 to $820

1 2212134 32.3742 -88.7446 (601) 453-4568
(601) 453-4568 check availability
Meridian MS 39305

1 to 3 bedroom apartments $654 to $770

2 24640 32.4136 -88.676 (601) 621-4390
(601) 621-4390 check availability
Meridian MS 39305

1 to 2 bedroom apartments $790 to $890

3 24645 32.4081 -88.71 (601) 621-4398
(601) 621-4398 check availability
Meridian MS 39301

1 to 3 bedroom apartments $827 to $1039

4 24595 32.4044 -88.6787 (866) 558-0063
(866) 558-0063 check availability
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